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Boilies and Soluballs available – only while stocks last!

Certainly we also roll boilies for ourselves, and in recent years we have also increasingly rolled matching soluble boilies (Soluballs). Our mix has been almost unchanged for more than 25 years, it has been slightly optimized again and again and is surely assigned in the top class.

We’ve won many kinds of fishing competitions with it, sometimes several times and hugely, you can’t get more expertise than this.

Especially our Soluballs are absolutely and highest top class, they exactly fit to our boilie mix and really catch carps like crazy! To make it worthwhile we have been rolling out a bit more kilos of boilies or soluballs for some times now. We don’t use any preserver and have been trying to make them durable by using Corn Extract. This has worked out quite well.

But we usually don’t need all of the baits we produce, so sometimes we can offer the rolled boilies and solus that we don’t require. The price therefore is very reasonable in relation to the content of our baits. Contents are a few meals that are almost never used or usually not used at all. Basic is fishmeal, maybe I’ll post the protein content etc. here later. We avoid the general nonsense like “high-quality ingredients” or “completely newly developed boilie” etc 🙂. This is not necessary to praise our boilies and soluballs…

Our Baits are simply top, otherwise we would not use them by ourselves. We won´t produce anything without our ORIGINAL BOILIE_BENZ CORN EXTRACT, because it’s really great stuff. We continuously use it for both, boilies and soluballs.

Boilie-Benz Soluballs and Boilies work immediately, the surface comes off after about 30 seconds and attracts…

However, we only offer the baits that we currently fish by ourselves and only the diameter that we currently roll for ourselves :


But we don’t intend to become a boilie-factory …

Most times we roll 18 or 20mm balls, or UFO shapes. We almost always fish the 18mm. You will receive top quality, hardly any other boilie can keep up. We don’t intend to roll very large amounts of inferior-boilies, just quality baits. More than 25 years of experience is the best guarantee you can get …

You can try it out, it’s a very safe tip, without any risk. —– AS LONG AS IN STOCK !

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