Conveyor Belts

1) Conveyor Nr 1

This conveyor-belt fits with boilieguns and boiliemachines by “Boilie-Benz”.

A very good system for your boilieproduction, your production will be more convenient.

It was designed in 66cm lenght, Weight about 2,5 kg

2) automatic Conveyor Nr 2 – Comfort and Elegance

A conveyor belt which fits to all our boiliemachines with 48cm roll lenght!

Most suitable for working with Boilie-Benz-Machines for diameters 10mm up to 26 mm.

You can interchange this automatic conveyor between several machines within seconds, no tools are necessary !

Available in two variants, you can choose if you want to controll the speed of the belt …



Customer-Video :

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