A completely new generation of Boilieguns !

Made from calibrated aluminum high-precision tubes / for guaranteed “spit-free” sausage production / equipped with two handles for easy picking / incl. four integrated, unbreakable feet / ideal for large filling quantities, by even shorter and space-saving overall length / optional automatic piston return by using an adjustable “Front-Valve”.

Both variants are equipped with a front plate for a yellow nozzle, which is completely recessed inside.
No dough residues left in the gun after using !


  • both boilie guns with overpressure-valve and double valves
  • suitable for every standard compressor, required operating pressure approx. 4-5 bar
  • two practical handles for comfortable handling
  • no need for a support base, the guns can be placed anywhere during operation without rolling away
  • equipped with four unbreakable feet
  • very large tube diameter, which allows easy filling
  • visually appealing, shiny silver anodization
  • piston made of aluminum, guided 100% tilt-free by two large seals
  • front plate (for yellow nozzle) and rear plate also made of aluminum
  • exit speed of the dough sausages can be easily controlled by using a double valve
  • available in two different versions, with capacities up to 20 kg
  • if required you can separately order the optionally available “Front Valve”

Those Guns are really the best Boilie-Guns you can buy !

“Big Guns” Nr 1 / Nr 2



A well known and proved Boilie-Benz-System:

Our “Front-Valve” is a valve for pushing back the inner piston, a special valve to use air-supply. 

With this valve it is more easy to push back the inner piston instead of using a stick.  

It´s a very helpful tool for both variants of our “Big Gun” Boilieguns

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