Welcome to “Boilie-Benz” !

You are visiting the website of “Boilie-Benz”, the worldwide oldest and most experienced boiliemachine manufacturer.

We already started building boilie machines in 1995-2000, long before anyone else had a thought about constructing such devices. Therefore no one else is able to offer more professionally machines with such experience for the production of boilies, paste-balls etc.

Our website informs you about equipment for an easy boilieproduction, ball-production, making of meatballs and processing many other different pastes and shapes.

On the following pages you will find a very large and unique selection of different boilie-machines, very big boilieguns, different paste-extruders, several (automatic-) conveyors etc.

A real paradise for those of you, who want to produce boilies/baits of their own…

Boilie-Benz –> All devices from a single source !

Please look at our wide range of products, you will find many interesting devices for your home-boilieproduction – and also for a professional boilieproduction !

During the last years we have supplied many customers all around the world.

Many of them are using our boiliemachines to produce boilies, but others also make different food-stuffs, some produce various decorations of ceramics or ornaments, others dog-foods or cat-food (the university in oldenburg is even producing mice-food in 3mm for training their mice !), some produce cakes or chocolate-balls, some lollipops, others meat-ballssoup-dumplings and so on …

  If your paste is compatible, nearly everything is possible !


Areas of Application :

  • Boilies 8 – 40 mm
  • Dumbels and Sticks in different forms
  • Pillow-Boilies
  • Production of very small (6mm) “Stippboilies”
  • Food for Dogs and Cats
  • 3mm balls for Mice (used at the german University in Oldenburg)
  • Food for Breeding-Horses

Ausstellung von Boilies

  • Lollipops
  • Potato-Snacks
  • Bakery-Products, Cakes etc
  • Balls made with Dates and Nuts
  • Chocolate and Marzipan Ball-Production
  • Production of Marrow Dumplings or Soup Dumplings
  • Production of meatless organic Meatballs
  • different kind of Cheese-Balls

  • Sausage-Production
  • Portioning of various Dough Pastes
  • Ceramic and Jewelry ball making
  • Spherical shapes made from various Plastic Materials
  • Production of fired Clay balls (e.g. for trickling filter systems)
  • Production of “Seed-Balls”


You can see, that there are many Options for you — if your paste is compatible, nearly everything is possible !

We´re  looking forward hearing from you !             


Contact us :

+49 8421 60 88 056

+49 175 93 63 003

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