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About “Boilie-Benz” :

We are developing and building boiliemachines now  for more than 20 years, much longer as other companies do. 

“Boilie-Benz” is a real “PIONEER” in building boiliemachines, therefore we can offer many different types of machines / boilieguns / extruder / conveyors etc           

You can be sure that our boiliemachines and other devices have been proved for many years, hundreds/thousands of times !

After we´d finished every single type of machine, we protectet it by multiple registrations (by patent) in Munic and Jena. Reproduction therefore is not allowed !

– In buying “Boilie-Benz” you choose equipment “Made in Germany”, best quality, best known, and with a high resalevalue.                                         

Regarding our long time experience you can rely on there is no risk for you –> all of our devices are built to the highest standards !              

– Our rolls are not hollow,we are only using full-material ! Boilie-Benz is the only company using rolls from the best (but unfortunately also the most expensive !) material, therefore you can use our boiliemachines also for making food-stuffs

( PE, PP,PA or PVC are not suitable !  For example PVC, usually offered in dark or white/grey bars, is not weather-resistant. It is quite stiff, but only very limited in strength, it´s bleaching and it´s soon falling brittle.
Several disadvantages also adversely affect the availability of other plastics.                               
We want our rolls remaining forever – not breaking pieces out of it after two or three years.        

If this would happen your boiliemaschine would loose a lot in value … )

– There is no waggling, no shaking of rolls !

– You will see that our rolls are not wearing and look like new, even after rolling boilies for many years

– Chosing the “intechangeable engine-system” (details are to read in this website) you are using the best system you can get.                                          

Totally stable boiliemachines, the diameter is to change in less than one minute, no tools are necessary. There is nothing to dismantle – a perfect system !

– Our boiliemachines are powered by engines which fulfill all regulations of the low-voltage guideline, also the regulations of the machine direction line

– Boilie-Benz boiliemachines keep all defaults and standards of the electro-magnetic compatibility. We are using no older engines without CE-indications

– Our covers are accorded to DIN EN 294

– Boilie-Benz has got the conformity appraisal procedure planned into the EEC guidelines. After noting specified rules and by noting the advices of the LGA we have made the so-called ” EU-Konformitätserklärung”.

– “Boilie Benz-Boiliemachines” are justified to carry the CE-Indication in Category 1 of European Standard !

– We are selling our boiliemachines and boilieguns all over Europe, also in non-EU Countries like South-Africa, Asia and so on. 

Most carphunters surching for a really well-working boiliemachine or boiliegun finally decide to buy one of our devices.

 100%  Qualität  “Made in Germany” !

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